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earth hour 2011


We take our environmental responsibility seriously. DExLaw recognises that our business activities can have an impact upon the environment. 


By working closely with our staff, members, suppliers and service providers, it is our aim to identify that impact, manage it effectively, and reduce it wherever possible.

d+l energiesparsysteme

DExLaw holds a 50% share in d+l Energiesparsysteme GmbH & Co. KG, an Austrian company which produces and distributes an energy saving system for heating boilers. The startup could reduce its customers fuel consumption for more than 17 GWh and CO2 pollution for more than 4,540 ton within the last 500 days.


Check the d+l ecometer here...

EEA | Energie Effizienz Austria

DExLaw holds a share in EEA | Energie Effizienz Austria, which is also an Austrian company. It distributes several energy saving systems to reduce fuel and power consumption with businesses and households.