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DExLaw started as a law office in 2004 and has stepwise developed to a successful business consultancy and venture capitalist for small and medium sized enterprises in the fields of medicine, medtech, pharmacy and energy saving systems. DExLaw has now decided to reestablish and reinforce their legal and tax consulting services with the beginning of 2016.


In distinction from existing concepts, DExLaw will provide integrated services for small sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and founders, medical surgeries, BGAs and MVZs only. Integrated in the sense, that DExLaw will give advice to their clients not only in legal, tax, accounting, quality management aspects or by representation in juridical processes but also in being personal point of contact in all strategical questions. Especially in single doctor surgeries, a reliable but critical at the same time "sparring partner" might become a key factor for sustainable success and growth.


DExLaw will provide their services in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Our Core Competencies*

legal advice and representation

Find out here in which fields we support you

That's our core competence.

tax consultancy

We connect applicants from Europe with hospitals and practises in the UK

tax offences

DExLaw's Thomas Doll represents you in judicial inquiries, criminal procedures and supports you with the preparation of tax audits and voluntary self-disclosures


We handle health professionals (i.e. surgeries, MVZ, BAG) and small sized companies accounting. Find out here what makes us special.

quality management

DExLaw supports health professionals with setting up QM-Systems in accordance with

§ 135a SGB V

setting up businesses

We assist you as a medical doctor setting up or acquiring your own surgery, MVZ or BAG

DExLaws team will assist you as a freelance professional (i.e. medical doctor, pharmacist, architect, lawyer, tax consultant) with the necessary next steps to rebuilt your financial standing 

We support your innovations in the fields of medtech, telemedicine and medical treatments supporting APPs

continuing medical education (CME)

Thomas Doll holds lectures on forensic topics

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